Xiang (Shawn) Zheng

Assistant Professor of Finance

School of Business, University of Connecticut

Email: xiang.zheng 'at' uconn.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interest: FinTech, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance

*My first name is pronounced in the same way as Shawn.

Research Papers

Do Fintech Shadow Banks Compete with Technological Advantages? Evidence from Mortgage Lending

  • with Sijie Wang and Siyi Shen

  • Presentation: AMES 2022, ASSA-IBEFA 2023, FMA 2022, International Conference on Finance & Technology 2022, The 11th Fixed Income and Financial Institution (FIFI) Conference, The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s (OCC) research symposium on The Implications of Financial Technology for Banking

How can Innovation Screening be Improved? A Machine Learning Analysis with Economic Consequences for Firm Performance

  • The FMA Best Paper Award in FinTech, 2021

  • The Kuldeep Shastri Outstanding Doctoral Student Paper, 2021

  • Presentation: AEA 2022, MFA 2022, FMA 2021, EasternFA 2021, SFA 2020, Georgetown Global Virtual Seminar on FinTech

How Does Private Firm Innovation Affect Anti-Takeover Provisions in Corporate Charters? Evidence from Initial Public Offerings

  • with Thomas Chemmanur, Manish Gupta, and Karen Simonyan

  • Presentation: FIRS 2022, 4th Greater Boston Annual Corporate Governance Workshop, China Financial Research Conference 2021

The Role of Investor Attention in Seasoned Equity Offerings: Theory and Evidence

  • with Thomas Chemmanur, Karen Simonyan, and Yu Wang

  • Semi-finalist for the FMA Best Paper Award in Corporate Finance, 2020

  • Featured in Columbia Law School Blue Sky Blog

  • Presentation: AEA (Poster) 2023, AFA (Poster) 2020, EasternFA 2021, FMA 2020

Underwriter Networks, Information Asymmetry, and Seasoned Equity Offerings

  • with Thomas Chemmanur, and Karen Simonyan

  • Semi-finalist for the FMA Best Paper Award in Corporate Finance, 2020

  • Presentation: FMA 2020

How Does Greater Bank Competition Affect Borrower Screening? Evidence From China's WTO Entry