Xiang (Shawn) Zheng

Assistant Professor of Finance

School of Business, University of Connecticut

Email: xiang.zheng 'at' uconn.edu

Curriculum Vitae 

Research Interest: FinTech, Corporate Finance, Household Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance

*My first name is pronounced in the same way as Shawn.

Research Papers

Do Fintech Shadow Banks Compete with Technological Advantages? Evidence from Mortgage Lending [SSRN]

How can Innovation Screening be Improved? A Machine Learning Analysis with Economic Consequences for Firm Performance [SSRN]

Barbarians at the Gate? Informed Option Trading on Newly Public Firms [SSRN]

How Does Private Firm Innovation Affect Anti-Takeover Provisions in Corporate Charters? Evidence from Initial Public Offerings  [SSRN

Seasoned Equity Offerings, Limited Investor Attention, and Post-Announcement Drift: Theory and Evidence  [SSRN

Underwriter Networks, Information Asymmetry, and Seasoned Equity Offerings  [SSRN

How Does Greater Bank Competition Affect Borrower Screening? Evidence From China's WTO Entry